Why Hiscox Re?

Our property teams for International and North America combine common sense and technical know-how to meet your property reinsurance challenge, no matter how complex.

We provide a wide range of conventional and alternative products including:

  • Risk excess of loss
  • Catastrophe excess of loss
  • Aggregate excess of loss
  • Crop
  • Parametric, retro and industry loss warranties.

Finding the best reinsurance is about first finding a reinsurer that understands your business. That's why we start every client conversation by asking, "how can we help you?"

This more proactive approach led to the creation of our Product team and successful new product strategy. Meeting every two weeks and representing a cross section of skills, the team filters broker and client discussion to match areas of potential demand with potential new solutions - or rather ideas that can lead to client specific, tailored outcomes,  enabling us to better answer the key question - "how can we help?"

Recent Hiscox Re product solutions include:

  • RAP – Risk Aggregate Protection: aggregate excess of loss protection designed to cover retained losses
  • SECAT – Second Event Catastrophe Aggregate Trigger: builds in the flexibility to deal with unbudgeted losses without the expense of buying more reinsurance coverage mid-term
  • Takeout Quota Share – This responds to the growth conundrum – clients want to expand in certain classes but not in others and that is constraining the overall opportunity. Hiscox Re will take select portfolios of risk that address an existing client hot spot, or a new region or peril that the client is less familiar with.

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