Bermuda Day: A Celebration of Community and Culture at Hiscox Re & ILS

On Bermuda Day, as the spirit of celebration sweeps the island, we at Hiscox Re & ILS are reflecting on the unique heritage, vibrant culture and community that make our island home special.

The Hiscox Group has been active in Bermuda since since 2005. Aside from its beauty, Bermuda is an attractive place to do business for many reasons: its proximity to global risk markets, forward thinking regulator in the Bermuda Monetary Authority and rich pool of talent. Those factors make it the risk capital of the world. But it is Bermuda’s community which makes it a truly appealing place to live and work. Bermuda Day, celebrated on the Friday before the final Monday in May, is when the island’s community comes to together to celebrate.

The Spirit of Bermuda Day

Previously known as Victoria Day, Empire Day and Commonwealth Day, Bermuda Day is much more than a holiday to celebrate over 400 years of history. It also marks the beginning of summer, beach season and the debut of Bermuda shorts as business attire. For businesses like Hiscox Re & ILS, with deep ties to the community, it’s also an opportunity to field a team in the annual Bermuda Half Marathon Derby, a half marathon run of the island. Picture the streets of Hamilton alive with music and colour as families, friends, and visitors line up along the 13-mile race route, eagerly anticipating the marathon.

This Bermuda Day, Hiscox Re & ILS is proud to debut a relay team in the traditional race – a testament to our commitment and connection to the island.

Meet our team:

  • Samantha Hartwell, legal associate;
  • Liz Breeze, CFO;
  • Olivia Smart, ILS Fund Accountant; and 
  • Jonas Muir Wood, Portfolio Manager.

Hiscox Re & ILS Employee Experiences on Bermuda Day

To truly capture the essence of Bermuda Day, we asked three of our employees to share their experiences and what this special day means to them.

Deondre Trott, Actuarial Analyst 

For me Bermuda Day is one of the most iconic holidays for the island as it’s a time where everyone, regardless of if you live here or are a visitor, can get together, relax, and have some laughs. It gives everyone a chance to sit back to cheer on the half-marathon runners, then enjoy the parade which always plays great music, has amazing performers like the majorettes and Gombeys, and creates good vibes for the entire island.

I love holidays like this because they bring the island together in one place which allows us to see not just our family and friends, but also others that we may not have seen in a while – it creates a great feeling of community. Not to mention, Bermuda Day signifies the day when many locals and I can start to go swimming (the beach magically gets warmer on that day)!

Tara Bascome, Finance Associate 

To me Bermuda Day means celebrating and appreciating our heritage and unique culture, which looks different for everyone. I would usually spend my day at the parade or taking my first swim of the year, as it’s considered our 'first day of summer' - some may even start the day running the Bermuda Half Marathon Derby! Personally, it's a vibrant holiday full of colour, love, community, and lots of swizzle!

Paulette Ball, Office Manager 

During Bermuda Day I enjoy watching the race and the parade, but what I like most is getting together for special time with family and friends. We celebrate the day with good food and conversations.

More than a Holiday

Bermuda Day is more than a day off work; it’s a vibrant declaration of all things that make our island home extraordinary. We at Hiscox Re & ILS celebrate this day as a symbol of Bermuda’s heritage and community spirit.