Our reinsurance products

Whether you’re looking for an answer to a property problem or a cyber conundrum, we've got a solution. We bring together our underwriting teams, dedicated in-house research support, legal and technical guidance, analytics, international external insight advisors and committed claims experts – underpinned by our financial strength – to package up our expertise to meet your needs.

Don’t assume though that this is everything we do – we pride ourselves on being curious; we thrive on taking a look under the bonnet (or hood if you’re stateside), identifying the issue, and doing something about it.

So, if you can’t the right answer for your reinsurance problem below, then challenge us to create one.


As a longstanding lead market, our retro team have a strong reputation for providing a first-class service. Our underwriters will consider diverse areas of exposures and are willing to offer a range of retrocession products on a worldwide basis. It’s retro but we’re anything but behind the times.

Cyber reinsurance

Cyber security poses a challenge unlike any other. Barely a week goes by without news of a major cyber incident being reported, and the stakes have never been higher. Our cyber team are market leaders in non-proportional cyber solutions.