Hiscox Bermuda Charities Committee

Our approach

The Committee’s approach to charitable giving is divided into three key pillars. This helps to focus our efforts, and ensures we have meaningful, measurable criteria to live up to.

  1. Social mobility and entrepreneurship 
    Our connectedness to entrepreneurship runs deep; Hiscox was established by an entrepreneur, and we insure over one million small businesses worldwide. The Hiscox Bermuda Charities Committee (HBCC) is focused on supporting programmes that encourage disadvantaged or vulnerable groups into - or back to - work or training. Preference will be given to organisations in Bermuda, and where there may be opportunities for collaboration beyond funding, for example volunteering opportunities which would allow Hiscox more direct engagement and/or a chance to share specific expertise.
  2. Protecting and preserving the environment
    When it comes to environmental causes, the HBCC is interested in supporting programmes that contribute to improving the environment in Bermuda. We are focused on projects that in some way address climate variability and look to increase global resilience to climate change, as well as projects to enhance Bermuda’s ecosystem and biodiversity. Preference will be given to organisations that go some way to addressing either biodiversity or a climate change related challenge, or that work in areas that are particularly or more frequently affected by climate change.
  3. Causes that our people are passionate about
    Our employees are a passionate bunch, and they champion a whole range of worthwhile causes. From mental health and wellbeing to homelessness, our teams find ways to be generous with their time as well as their money, and the HBCC supports these efforts – predominantly through matched funding.  In particular, we look to support endeavours where employees have a direct involvement with their chosen charity.

To find out more about our eligibility criteria and application process please see below.

  • We are only able to consider applications from registered charities, those which are registered through the Registry General and have a certificate of registration
  • We fund organisations of all shapes and sizes
  • We will consider funding on an unrestricted basis
  • The Hiscox Bermuda Charities Committee does not provide new business start-up funding
  • The Hiscox Bermuda Charities Committee does not provide funding for carbon offset schemes
  • We will not give towards operational or administrative costs

Please note: funding decisions made by the Hiscox Bermuda Charities Committee are independent of all other Hiscox relationships.

Multi-year partnerships
We may pursue multi-year partnerships with a small number of hand-picked charities, where we believe that by doing so we can add greater value or where our involvement can go beyond charitable giving.

Application process
To apply for a cash grant, click here to download our application form. Once completed, please send the application to [email protected]. Financials from selected charities will be required prior to any grant. The Hiscox Bermuda Charities Committee may also interview/ meet/ site visit with selected charities if deemed necessary by the Committee.

To apply for a cash grant, click here to download our application form. Once completed, please send the application to [email protected].